bg/ish: A Rebirth of Sorts…

It was a day like any other, plodding along to the rhythm of IM’s and the detached browsing of websites.

“I’m ready”, came the word from ag. Although we’d long ago established that code for circumstances surrounding a freak medical condition encountered by ag and the sponge bathing that it demanded, I shuddered off those long buried horrors and knew exactly what ag was talking about…

…he wanted to revive Tha Pub!

Could it be done? With certainty!

I’ll do Comic-Con coverage!” said ag with all the confidence of a man who had covered such an event in the past.

An event like the Comic-Con held annually in San Diego, CA is not such an easy event to cover, what with the bad intentions of fanboys and constant threat of ninja activity, but knowing that our annual coverage used to be a cornerstone of the old bg/ag publishing website I jumped on board with the idea and started to immediately assume creative control. I’d blown our entire budget in less than 3 minutes on generic prescription pills and a magazine about zoology before being slapped into submission by a rejuvenated ag with a crazed look in his slanty eyes.

“That’s funny”, I thought to myself, “ag never has an extra cup of coffee at home.”

And so the wheels are in motion. With grand ideas and visions of world domination we will once again resume our annual Comic-Con coverage, and with ag having wrested creative control away from me, if this fails miserably we will all certainly know who to blame…

If all goes as the gods have forseen, this rebirth will amount to nothing more than an aborted attempt at a legendary comeback the likes of Magic in ’96. One last fat, bloated and uncoorordiniated quest for glory! This is why we mock the gods openly and defy them to do anything about it!

We’re bg/ag publishing, or haven’t you heard?

As usual bg loves you and hates you just the same…


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