bg/ish: ha HA! . . .wait…

Of course when I first heard the news that an earthquake had hit Southern California, my first thoughts were for the safety of my family and friends, ag excluded. I was secretly hoping he’d been doused in lab chemicals and obtained super powers, but as we were informed in his previous post, he remains average at best.

My second thought was something along the lines of “Thank ‘Gee-Oh-Dee’ I don’t live in Southern California any more! ha HA! I live in San Francisco. . .wait…”. Earthquakes are a nasty business around these parts. It’s best not to think about it.

I’m certainly glad to hear that there were no reports of serious injury or death. One never likes hearing about those things. In other news a 13 year old boy was charged with murder today for the gang-related shooting death of his 8 year old cousin in South Los Angeles.

* * * * *

So, Comic-Con 2008 did not happen for me. Like most of you, I am eagerly anticipating ag’s coverage of the prestigious event. So far the word out of bg/ag publishing’s Southern California office is the interns are working overtime to account for ag’s laziness, and yet little is being accomplished.

The man can be a diva and we all know of his penchant for hogging the limelight. He’ll probably milk this article for all the glory he can, and don’t be surprised if it’s publication hinges on some clause calling for a change to the company name. ag/bg publishing may very well be in the near future.

I’ve survived his fits and power trips before, so don’t expect anything less of me this time. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go stop being so jealous of ag’s trip to Comic-Con and work on a post that actually has something to say instead of trashing the better half of tha Pub.

Please ag bless us with that Comic-Con goodness!


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