bg/ish: His Fist?!?

Started my day this morning with this lovely exchange on Google IM…

____: so, last night saw my first sexual encounter in the car parked outside my gate

they didn’t even stop

just keep on going

me: no shit?!?


____: i’m for real

i was like, oh no

me: was it one of the hoes you recognize?

____: and he was sticking his entire fist into her mouth

never seen a white one with blonde hair before

not sure who she is

me: his fist?!?

____: yea

me: cutty shit!

____: his entire hand was in her mouth

and he was f-ing her

but he must have just unzipped his pants cuz u couldn’t see his butt


me: i don’t even know what to say

____: right?


they soo knew i was there

didn’t stop at all

at all

all in the passenger side seat

me: wow

* * * * *

I ❤ SF

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