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December 23, 2009

bg/ish: The blagguy Year In Review

Fuck. Let it be known that I am so, so tired of typing with one hand. Be that as it may, I can’t continue to simply post pictures and videos on this blog as if it were some sort of Internet scrapbook I’ve compiled. The people demand substance! At least ag would if he weren’t off cavorting with the interns. We all know why you spiked the egg nog at the bg/ag publishing holiday party ag. You ain’t slick!

Eh, what can I say, I miss writing. It’s only logical that my desire to write grew exponentially as soon as I was limited by my broken wrist. This is the way of things. I briefly considered doing a few installments of video blogging, but, unless you do it naked, who’s really listening? So, I’m gonna do my best here. It’s your boy, bg, and we’re taking a look back at 2009. And ag, I promise it’ll be better than that offer you couldn’t refuse…

2009… Tha ‘Pub on the Rise

This last year proved to be a really productive year for us here at bg/ag publishing. As of this post, we’re up to 245 posts this year. That makes me pretty fuckin’ proud. Sure, there was some fodder for the pile, (mostly ag’s doing) but there were some pretty good ones as well.

Here are some of my favorites… (And yes, I’m trying to break the record of ag jokes in one post.)

agIsh: Less Is More

It’s not often that so few words can make me laugh out loud, but ag’s “watch this clip” fucking killed me. Plus, it’s Louie C.K., so what’s not to like?

bg/ish: WonderCon 2009

There’s no doubt that I am my own hardest critic. I’m rarely 100% satisfied when I look back on anything I’ve written. But this WonderCon post I still enjoy. Let’s say I’m 98% satisfied with it in retrospect. Cons aren’t easy to write about, they’re so visually and mentally stimulating you can easily get overwhelmed, curl up in the fetal position and cry, but I feel this piece covered everything I wanted to and more.

bg/ish: Welcome to Contra Costa, Land of Outlaws, Villains and Thieves!

Personally, I find comments on posts to be invaluable. Often times, I’ll write a post, pepper it with a few jokes, laugh out loud to myself, then sit back and think, “Does anybody else think this is funny?”

This particular post was one that I thought was pretty funny, I mean, I still get a chuckle out of it. However it’s long been comment free, so I’m left to assume that, no, it wasn’t very funny at all.

agIsh: “Don’t sweat the petty stuff. Don’t pet the sweaty stuff.”

This is how ag really is. How could you not love the man?

chair: Untitled

A slightly self serving inclusion? Clearly. But nothing makes me happier than getting love from my peeps. Speaking of love…

bg/ish: “…a lot of strands in the ol’ Duder’s head.”

The seeds have to be planted at some point. And then…

bg/ish: “I got a feelin’ in my stomach…”

…you’re in it. I’m so glad I took that plunge.

bg/ish: “This was supposed to be the Summer of George!”

I feel very strongly about this post. I think I nailed it.

bg/ish: Weekend of the Wolfman

Photography played a huge role in the summer of 2009. This gallery was probably my favorite.

agIsh: *clears throat*

The post that got me back on track.

* * * * *

Whew, that was a lot to take in there. And believe me, that’s what she said. There were more posts I wanted to add, but then why don’t I just say, “Read the whole fuckin’ blog!” It’s not a book bg!

I’m talking to myself again. Let’s talk about myself instead! I like that better.

Seriously though, 2009, eh? Admittedly, it’s nice to look back on a year and reflect, but at the same time, what have you done for me lately 2009!?! 2010 promises to be good to me, and treat me right!

Your Boy bg, Doin’ Stuff

As I start in on this section I realize, I’m not entirely prepared to write it. Just like Dewey Cox, I almost feel like I need to think about my entire life before I can write about this last year. Actually, I just need to think about this last year. Wait, this isn’t making any sense. My head just exploded.

The thing is, a lot happens in a year. You gain friends, lose friends, there are ups and there are downs, it’s just life, y’know? So from that perspective, it was a year like any other. There are things I accomplished this year that I’m really proud of. There are moments that will remain vivid in my memory for many years to come. The thing is, I don’t really want to talk about any of that in specifics, because really, thats the purpose served by bg/ish. I share the experiences that shape me, the news that stirs and wakes me, the friends I’ve grown to care so much for, the jokes that make me laugh, the songs that make me shake my ass, the images that strike me, and the thoughts that keep me awake at night. In essence, my 2009 is here for you to see and read on the pages of this blog, and in that respect, I say to myself, “Job well done.”

To all the people who have supported me, laughed with me, shared a drink or a meal with me, a bike ride or a day at the park, or took a few minutes out of any number of these wonderful San Francisco days to spend with me… Thank You. I hope we get to do it all again many times over. Let’s not look back too much, but rather let’s look with anticipation towards the future. Although it is unknown, we have the power to shape it into something lovely and amazing in our very own hands.

And speaking of “lovely and amazing”, my wonderful lz, your friendship and love are without question the most valuable things that I have gained in this last year. I can’t thank you, or express this to you enough.

(Don’t get jealous ag, we’ll always have Palm Springs in the winter of ’94. We did play Palm Springs that year right? Perhaps it was ’93…)

And now!…

2009, My Peeps In Pictures

(well technically the picture of ag is fom 2008, but he remains elusive and his appearance is largely unchanged.)

Here’s to all of you… Cheers!

Out With The Old… Again

Ok, I’m done here. This post has left me worn out! So, I’m going to end this year exactly how I ended last year

“Hopefully everyone has a chance to stop and reflect on the year that was, and although I don’t encourage the folly of new year’s resolutions, it’s still a good time to evaluate where you have been and where you are going.

It’s winter now, so let’s all huddle up to stay warm…”

September 29, 2009

bg/ish: Folsom Street Fair 2009 (NSFW)

Alright. So I’m back early. Let’s get right to it.

I went with the lovely lz to pick up her brand new Canon Rebel XT1i on Sunday morning. We sat around killing time, watching The Aristocrats, waiting for the battery charger light to turn green… “Turn green damn you!”… and as soon as it did we were out the door. What better place to break in a brand new camera than the Folsom Street Fair… right? Hmmmmm

Well, regardless, we took a ton of pictures, and had a lot of fun. A bunch of our friends were at Medici, on 9th and Folsom, which is pretty much a regular hang out spot for us, so most of these pictures were taken in or around there. I tried to be selective about what to post here. I’ve attempted to include all of our friends, as well as a lot of the people and activities going on around us.

This gallery is in absolutely no way meant to be exploitive or degrading. It is also often NSFW. Please enjoy!

* All photos by & lz (Canon Rebel XT1i & Sony DSC-S500)

June 29, 2009

bg/ish: Critical Mass, San Francisco, June 26, 2009

Back in March of this year, I rode in my first Critical Mass here in San Francisco. Although it’s something I’d like to do every month, I only got around to riding it for a second time this last Friday. As usual, it was an entirely surreal, somewhat unique experience, and I only had to ditch my firm’s annual billiards party to ride in it. Of course, we rode right in front of Jillian’s, where the party was being held. Doh!

Not a lot to tell really, but I guess I can sum it up with this quick note. As we were gathering at Embarcaderro, an older gentlemen, clearly a tourist (seemingly from the South) came up to me and asked, “What do y’all got going on here?”

I replied, “Just a little bike ride.”

And I think that’s what I like most about Critical Mass. Despite all the dueling “bike cultures” and the hate from other cyclists we all seem to encounter here in the city, Critical Mass is the one time we all seem to be on the same page. Same agenda. United. Eh…

I can’t do an adequate job of describing the sights from Friday, but I strongly recommend this pretty amazing photoset on Flickr from Hal Bergman photography.

Your boy bg even shows his mug in the following shot… See?!?