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January 15, 2010

agIsh: Cutty at best.

I’m headed for Level 2 archery coaching status soon (two of four, I think) and the prerequisite is a background check. Here are list of things I hope they don’t find:

1) The stash of kiddie porn on my computer.
2) The stash of cocaine in my computer.
3) Modified rifles in my closet.
4) The master $100 plates in the tank of my toilet.
5) What I did to Ms. Karen in the girl’s bathroom in the 3rd grade.
6) How I skipped grades 4, 5, and 6.
7) I’m really from St. Louis…Quebec.
8) I sold weapons to Iran back in ’85 in exchange for Persian carpets.
9) Documents that show my support for the Palestinians and their cause!
10) My date of birth.

I think I’m really going somewhere with this archery thing. I’m pretty sure I placed fourth (out of 30+ shooters, I think) in our last competition, which only pushes me to train harder.

This last competition, though, had only California archers and word has it that the east coast boys are the real competition. To this I say, “Fuck them! They ain’t my boys! First place is mine!”

Recurve and PSE fo’ lia nia!

So, yeah, that’s my life these days. What’s up with you?

Update: I just found out that I placed 6th out of 39…which sucks entirely.


March 19, 2009

bg/ish: His Fist?!?

Started my day this morning with this lovely exchange on Google IM…

____: so, last night saw my first sexual encounter in the car parked outside my gate

they didn’t even stop

just keep on going

me: no shit?!?


____: i’m for real

i was like, oh no

me: was it one of the hoes you recognize?

____: and he was sticking his entire fist into her mouth

never seen a white one with blonde hair before

not sure who she is

me: his fist?!?

____: yea

me: cutty shit!

____: his entire hand was in her mouth

and he was f-ing her

but he must have just unzipped his pants cuz u couldn’t see his butt


me: i don’t even know what to say

____: right?


they soo knew i was there

didn’t stop at all

at all

all in the passenger side seat

me: wow

* * * * *

I ❤ SF