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October 29, 2009

bg/ish: Sunrise @ Dolores Park

Today is a new day…

August 26, 2009

bg/ish: “We’re the stars of CCTV”

I’d made reference to the day we bombed the grassy hills of Dolores Park in this blog before, but I admit I quite surprised to head over to Mission Mission today and see your boy bg standing atop the park next to that little kart of death.

As it turns out, some women sitting on the bench behind us were getting some of the madness on video. It’s not a terribly exciting video, although Chewie almost gets rubbed out, and although my crash goes mostly unseen, it’s apparent by the reaction of the onlookers.

Aptly titled “Life Size Pinewood Derby”, enjoy this brief clip of our insanity.

July 27, 2009

bg/ish: Weekend of the Wolfman

As I’d mentioned before, the Wolfman was in town last weekend, his Canon EOS 50D in tow. We took it pretty much everywhere with us, shoving it in peoples faces (“it” being the camera) and generally shooting anything and everything we could. We are a far cry from “seasoned” or “experienced”, and at times I’m pretty sure this camera gets some beautiful shots in spite of us.

It was a fairly typical weekend; Dolores Park all three days, but we also managed to attend my firms annual picnic, the Red Sky store opening, and the San Francisco Symphony playing in the park. Due to the Wolfman’s penchant for action sequences, we took well over 1000+ photos in those three days. It took me a while to sort through them all, so these are just the few I thought stood out the most.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then this post will have a lot to say. I’ll shut up now. Enjoy.




July 16, 2009

bg/ish: “Good days, bad days, halfway days…”

“…but I’m still lookin’ for a Greatdayindamornin'”

The last few days have been great. Summer in the city. The kinds of days when going to work seems almost pointless. Too beautiful outside. Too distracted inside. Morning walks through a city bustling with tourists. 2 hour lunches. Cigarette breaks in the grass at Union Square. Afternoon elevator rides to the top of St. Francis. Frozen yogurt. Quiet moments in a rooftop garden.

Then 5 p.m. rolls around. Mashing. Always. Never not. Straight to Dolores Beach Park. Tecates. Red Stripes. Tasty herbs. Georgeisms. I love my backyard. Hill bombing in a go kart. Tumbles and rolls. Road rash. The laughter of good friends. It hurts so good.

Late dinner at Monk’s Kettle. Siamese Twins. Late night walks through the summer air. Climb to Buena Vista. No Sherpa. Slice of Castro Special. The pizza, not the lifestyle. Sketches and Haiku. Just because. Falling asleep to Burial one night. Emancipator the next. A beautiful smile in the middle of the night. Waking as the sun rises… a greatdayindamornin’. Feeling content.

“Buy the ticket, take the ride.” – Hunter S. Thompson

July 13, 2009

bg/ish: Afternoon in Dolores Park

I find this video to be full of beauty, both conventional and unconventional. Also, this is my home, and I love it…

An afternoon in Dolores Park from Aaron Fagerstrom on Vimeo.

April 22, 2009

bg/ish: Earth Day

In case you’ve missed it on just about any news outlet available to mankind, today is Earth Day. What is Earth you ask, and why does it deserve it’s own day?

Well, this is Earth…

…and it happens to be where we all live, so it’s slightly important. Trust me, your apartment wouldn’t be the same without it. On a side note, ‘Earth’ is one of those words that the more you look at it, the stranger it gets. Go ahead…






…weird right? Unless that’s just me. One might wonder, where did this lovely planet we live on get a name like “Earth”? Well, according to wikipedia, “The name “Earth” was derived from the Anglo-Saxon word erda, which means ground or soil. It became eorthe in Old English, then erthe in Middle English.”

“Earth has often been personified as a deity, in particular a goddess. In many cultures the mother goddess, also called the Mother Earth, is also portrayed as a fertility deity.”

Our Mother has certainly been good to us the last few days here in San Francisco. Record heat has brought out the shorts, tanks, and the skin. Your boy bg has been rolling shirtless for the better part of 4 days. (avert your eyes!) People have been flocking to Dolores Park and staying until well after dark. Last night at around 9:30 a random dance party broke out when this guy showed up with about 20-30 other cyclists in tow. Of course, he was pumping out the usual Prince/Michael Jackson/Madonna tunes that he usually has on blast. Keep reppin’ Deep!

Ran into my buddy Steve who is the man behind fluxlife and discussed some of his latest ventures and ideas. We’ve been meaning to link our blogs up here for a while, so you’ll now find fluxlife to the right in our blog list. Cuz “sometimes life flux”.

Mother Nature has, in fact, been so good to us recently, that last night was really some twisted extension of a weekend that never really ended. I for one, am exhausted. After spending all day Saturday and Sunday outdoors, at the park, taking in sun and booze, Monday conspired to be 4/20 which essentially left me useless at work and after. Throw in an identical Tuesday run complete with lethal cocktail of sun/ganja/hash/booze and it’s no surprise I could barely drag my ass out of bed this morning. Surely I was disappointed to find out that Earth Day is not a national holiday, and I was expected to be in the office.

Here’s the rub though…

Earth has been good to us, but we haven’t been so good to her. I mean, come on people, record heat in April?!? Let’s not forget that we’ve still got a long way to go to reverse the ruinous trends of past generations and start to build a better, brighter, and for lack of a better term, greener future for this floating rock we call home. Get involved if you feel so inclined…

…or just recline on the grass at the park and chug a few beers. I’ll be there.