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November 4, 2009

bg/ish: “We’re all gonna fry together!”

Good morning. Now, get slapped around some more by Ima Robot!

A is for action
P is for paranoid, a is for anger
Out here in the void
C is for countdown
O is for over
LYPSE are for your lips smashed on mine when the world blows up…

G is for greed
O is for order
V is for villains in the 3-piece suits defining the borders
E is for empire
R is for revenue
N is for not for me but none was
MENT was meant for you and me…

D is for disease
E is for entropy
A is for acceptance so drop your futile weapons
T is for time [tick tock tick tock…] and you ain’t got much left
H is for heaven or hell now let’s hear it for

November 4, 2009

bg/ish: “Pathetic religion of sex and cryin’…”

Fuck. Yes.

Taking it back a few years. You gotta ask questions to get answers…

Love is the only incident
An infatuation
Is this sweet manipulation?
Well, I was frightened myself
What is love?
It’s a fine inclination
A lovely retardation
What is love?
A reality vacation
Indulging operation
What is love?
It’s the worthiest damnation
Sweet temptation
What is love?