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March 6, 2009

chair: GimmeGimme

looks like both dw and nv found their respective passions for bikes y archery. i’m jealous!
i can’t think of a single thing i can consume myself in these days. all my interests are short-lived obsessions until i decide it/they bore me. of course i love books, shoes, fashion, technology, music, boys ; i have quite a collection of everything (jk on boys) but most of the time i just feel like a consumer whore, collecting for the sake of having things so that other people can’t.

i’m trying to change that. you know, do the whole appreciate life for what it is. i’m definitely the type that’s neversatisfied, neverhappy. there’s two extremes to my mentality, though. one is retrospection on what i could have done different (aka regret) and the other is anxiety over things that might not turn out the way it should.

i don’t know if finding something to focus all my energy on will change the way i think, but it’s a start. a lot of changes* happening in my life right now, so i hope i find something a long the way…

*i know i promised to post under the influence but i’ve had this bloody itch around my stomach for some time now, so i’m going to let my poor liver heal for a leetle bit. i know, so sad.