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June 5, 2009

bg/ish: Kobe and the Lakers! It’s the NBA Finals on ABC!

…from AIM i see your boy Mamba has taken 30 shots which is pretty disgusting

pr21: hahahah good thing i fell asleep
pr21: he has almost 40 points nah i mean he’s shooting 50% 15-30 38 points

pr21: ya
pr21: the Lakers look like the Cavs basically with the addition of role players that don’t look like they were taken from the hot dog stands haha but… fuck man… 30 shots

pr21: you have beef with that? i’m just saying it’s a lot of shots they’re up by 24 so i guess it’s working tonight

pr21: yup
pr21: he looks all smug too
pr21: he looks like he’s ready to rape all the bitches in Denver!
pr21: and he’s not even playing there! hahahaha i wouldn’t have my NBA commentary any other way man