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August 31, 2009

bg/ish: How To Evade A Pit Maneuver

I get a lot of (unsolicited) emails from friends, aquantences and former co-workers in my Inbox on the daily. (Say, me say many money, say me say many many many) Pretty much next to nothing ever gets any further than that, let alone pushed out thru this blog. I’m posting this video, though, for the following reasons…

– It’s a police chase in Orange County

– I’m familiar with every stretch of road it happens on

– It’s a Scion xB, which enables me to fantasize that it’s my brother and your boy Duyu Nohu giving the proverbial “two fingers up” to those filthy cops

– And I know, what many of you may not, that your boy and mine ag loves himself some pit maneuvers

Of course, the pit maneuver doesn’t always have a 100% success rate, as is evident here. This leaves the cops with no other option than to pull out the rarely seen outside of pornographic videos, “Let’s slam this bitch from every angle at the same time” maneuver.

If only they’d used it when the crazy woman driving decided to use the “Get out of the car to curse out the cops only to leave it in drive and then have to run it down and jump back in a moving car” maneuver.

thanks Kai-Chun