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January 5, 2010

agIsh: facebook? more like stupidbook.

fuck, i hate facebook. yes, i have an account. this begs the question: “why do you have a facebook account then?”

i joined sometime last year because i thought it would be a good communication tool for a club i’m in. i heard that facebook was myspace but for an older, more mature crowd. sounded promising so i signed up.

turns out that “older, more mature” apparently means “whines louder than teenagers”. while teenagers think all their problems matter and are important and are thus whine-worthy, older folks really think all their problems matter and are important and are thus really whine-worthy. so instead of getting something like “my parents suck” you get something like “turning my room into an office” or “i hate filling out medical forms” – really inane shit.

i shared this with bg already. my friend posted on his wall (that’s what they call a profile page): “i cant do anything right.” not really feeling his whiney vibe, i replied “you forgot an apostrophe. it’s supposed to be ‘can’t’.” fuck him and all who post like him!

facebook is not to used for therapy. in fact, none of this virtual space called the internet should be used for therapeutic reasons. it’s generally agreed by people who are not stupid that facebook now caters to the voyeurs and the attention whores. and again, the internet seems to be going that way. The Pub might be a little guilty of that, but i know for a fact that we don’t take ourselves seriously. it’s all fun and games here, man (unless the Interns require other tactics to get them in line).

i don’t know where i’m going with this anymore. i stopped thinking about this article for a second and now i’ve lost my train of thought. as with all things…’meh’.