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November 19, 2007

* Editors Note *
This flimsy excuse for content remains here on what is the new bg/ag publishing as a reminder of what happens when ag doesn’t pull his weight. But it was bg’s column you say? Don’t question the Editor…


So this is the latest incarnation of the world renowned bg/ish column. Ever since the unfortunate collapse of, otherwise known as AT&T deleting the site without warning, I’ve been thinking of a way to get off the hump and revive my old column.

I’ve been wanting to write a sports column for some time now, and I really couldn’t think of a better time than now to kick it off. This space will cover the NFL, NBA and MLB of course, but also some EPL and MLS and anything else that seems relevant. My only regret is that ag is not alive to see this…

…well, he’s not really dead, he’s just educating his bad self.

So in the words of my boy ag, “lez do this!”