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February 24, 2009

bg/ish: Me and Stephon

Stephon Marbury may not be entertaining anyone on the hardwood any time soon, but the shunned New York Knicks guard has managed to stay in the spotlight a bit. Since essentially being told to stay away from the team after negotiations for a buyout of his contract fell apart, Marbury has still made a few public appearances, ranging from the typical sports page fodder to the strangely bizarre.

Came across this today…

“i was driving home… and i spot stephon marbury sitting at the bus stop talking into his blackberry half a mile from my house. confused as to why starbury would be riding the bus – had the economy really bitten him that badly?

i grabbed my camera and hustled back to where i saw him – turns out he was waiting on his car to be fixed at a shop right behind him – and asked him if he’d shoot some improv stuff with me at the bus stop. i was a little surprised he said yes but he did and we rolled.”

the result was three episodes of “Stephon and Me”. Check them out here.