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November 18, 2009
It’s Always Sunny In The Mission

Well, I guess it’s time to officially announce the existence of my new project, It’s Always Sunny In The Mission.

Very simply, it’s pictures of San Francisco. The lovely lz and I had been talking about putting together a site to feature pictures we’ve been taking, and this is the result. Some of the initial content has been featured previously on this site, although going forward, It’s Always Sunny will be featuring mostly exclusive content.

We’re also in association with SF Enthusiast, a new project from my buddy Steve Morozumi of fluxlife.

sfenthusiast is a grassroots community network starting out in The Castro/Upper Market district. We are enthusiastic about San Francisco, it’s merchants, artists, musicians, organizations, individuals, community, and more!

Before we are customers, clients, and owners, we are people. People in community. We all have wants and dreams that can be synergized in community, empowerment, and collaboration to create our dreams in our lives greater than we could alone.”

-Steve Morozumi

So, show them some love, show us some love… we’re just trying to help you get through your day. Nah’ mean!?!