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September 29, 2009

bg/ish: Folsom Street Fair 2009 (NSFW)

Alright. So I’m back early. Let’s get right to it.

I went with the lovely lz to pick up her brand new Canon Rebel XT1i on Sunday morning. We sat around killing time, watching The Aristocrats, waiting for the battery charger light to turn green… “Turn green damn you!”… and as soon as it did we were out the door. What better place to break in a brand new camera than the Folsom Street Fair… right? Hmmmmm

Well, regardless, we took a ton of pictures, and had a lot of fun. A bunch of our friends were at Medici, on 9th and Folsom, which is pretty much a regular hang out spot for us, so most of these pictures were taken in or around there. I tried to be selective about what to post here. I’ve attempted to include all of our friends, as well as a lot of the people and activities going on around us.

This gallery is in absolutely no way meant to be exploitive or degrading. It is also often NSFW. Please enjoy!

* All photos by & lz (Canon Rebel XT1i & Sony DSC-S500)