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March 24, 2009

chair: 666

one of the very first things i signed up for when i got the internet was a journal. back then, livejournal was the shiet. but being so avant garde and all, i went and got a deadjournal. i have no idea what that site is like now, but back then if you hit the “random” button you’d get a lot of teenage angst slit-your-wrist type of prose. mine was a lot of the former. guess not that much has changed. shit.

anyway, i will admit that the culture associated with black/skulls/satan/death/the list goes on is way commercialised now. skull-printed alexander mcqueen scarves retailing slightly under a thousand bones (haha i made a pun) were on every fashionista’s musthave list mid-2000. i never saw the appeal of those particular scarves, but it doesn’t mean i don’t succumb to all the other marketing schemes associated with this darkness.

here’s the latest in what chair wants…

takashi murakami plush skull:

pam fang necklace (long coveted but i can’t justify paying almost 3 hundo for a streetwear brand):

oh yeah, and i remember my favorite mood in deadjournal was “pensive.” i’m so cool.