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January 6, 2010

agIsh: Occupation 101

“Any violence by a large population is not because these people are more violent than any other. It’s an alarm, it’s a sign, it’s a signal that something is wrong with the treatment of this population.”

You need to watch this documentary. It’s a shocking look into the illegal occupation of extremist Jews in Israel and the resultant oppression of the Palestinians and eviction out of their own homes. I’m hardly political but this film has really piqued my interest and really got me thinking.

There’s an amazing level of hate brewing over there that boggles my mind. What’s worse, the Israeli army has every means to cleanse the Palestinians from the land while the ‘opposing forces’ have nothing but rocks and suicide bombers. It’s a disgusting imbalance of power that the United States apparently supports financially. Between 1949 and 2006, about $62 billion was approved for Israeli aid. This amounts to approximately $10,000 of aid per person, as compared to $59 of aid per person in countries like Mexico, South America, and Africa.

Like I said, you need to watch this documentary and you need to spread the word.