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October 21, 2008

agIsh: Home Sweet Home…

Police have arrested two teenage boys on suspicion of robbing an 87-year-old Fountain Valley woman this morning as she was walking to catch a bus.

Two teenage boys walking in the opposite direction blocked the woman by stepping in her way and then verbally harassed her. After the teenagers allowed her to pass, they knocked her to the sidewalk. One suspect ripped her purse away from her. [Full Story]

This shit is sick. At least have the decency to attack someone who’s able to put up a little fight and who has more than a couple of bucks, tissues, and bus pass in her purse! In cases like this I totally endorse “shoot-on-sight”. Fuck ’em. They’re gonna grow up to be gansters. At least one of them is gonna shoot and/or kill someone. Both of them are gonna get some chick pregnant within the next five years.

Don’t question me! This is based on the fact that this incident occurred at 10:49 in the morning on a Monday. Hello! You should be in school and lunch isn’t for another hour. Fortunately, they were caught and put in juvie. Unfortunately, now they have something to brag about.

Since we’re on the subject, I’ve wanted to perform the PIT Maneuver more than once this week. Yes, I realize it’s only Monday.