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March 20, 2009

chair: stop, do not pass go.

california. sometimes you are so warm and lovely and bless me with sunshine while i eat my korean bbq ribs like i’m in asia, cigarette breaks and all. then other times you remind me of the quirks that make a light bulb go off in my head–oh shit–this is why it sucks. the california roll? i am too lazy to go look up the statistics but southern cali must hold one of the highest records for peoples getting pulled over for a stop sign yes? someone verify/deny.

yesyes, it happened to me today. the thing is i saw the motorcycle cop in the corner of my eye and panicked because i was on the phone. i should have just stayed on the damn phone and made a proper stop and save myself a couple hundo. damn. but the thing is–the cop was really fucking nice. not the atypical condescending jerk, just a friendly sun-speckled dude who forgave me for freaking out after shifting through my glovebox full of coffeeshop napkins but no registration or insurance. i got the ticket afterall, but i can’t hate him. and i don’t feel like hating myself so someone do something stupid so i can hate you… gracias.